opposite of immense - An Overview

He and another prisoners ended up taken to the ideal facet of the Virgin's Field, to a sizable white residence using an immense yard not significantly from your convent.

He compiled the record and did an Examination in the writings of all of the ecclesiastical writers of the first 13 centuries.

This was the central concept of Ritter's philosophy; his faith and his geography were being 1, plus the consequent fervour with which he pursued his mission goes far to account for your immense influence he acquired in Germany.

immense - unusually great in dimension or amount or degree or Primarily extent or scope; "massive authorities paying"; "large state estates"; "big popular need for larger education"; "a big wave"; "The la aqueduct winds like an immense snake along the base on the mountains"; "immense quantities of birds"; "at extensive (or immense) expense"; "the vast reaches of outer space"; "the extensive accumulation of knowledge...which we contact civilization"- W.R.Inge

ontsaglikheid ضَخامَه، إتِّساع، إمتِداد необятност imensidão nesmírnost die Unermeßlichkeit enorm i omfang τεράστιο μέγεθος inmensidad mõõtmatus عظمت suunnattomuus immensité גוֹדֶל עֲצוּם अनंतता beskrajnost, neizmjernost végtelenség keluasan víðátta; óendanleiki immensità 広大さ 거대함 didumas milzīgums; neaptveramība sangat besar onmetelijkheidkolossal størrelse, uendelighet bezmiar غټ والى، ستروالى imensidade imensitate необъят��ость nesmiernosť, ohromnosť; nekonečnosť brezmejnost ogromnost ofantlighet, väldig omfattning ความกว้างใหญ่มาก büyüklük, genişlik, sınırsızlık 巨大 безмірність شدت sự rộng lớn 巨大

Michaux, much more than 30 years back, claims that the price of Wooden for gas in New York and Philadelphia "approximately equals, and in some cases exceeds, that of the greatest wood in Paris, nevertheless this immense funds each year demands more than three hundred thousand cords, and is also surrounded to the distance of 300 miles by cultivated plains."

a great deal. I dislike that kind of conduct intensely. geweldig جدا، بِشِدَّه opposite of immense силно intensamente hluboce äußerst intenst έντονα, πάρα πολύintensamente väga به شدت؛ زیاد voimakkaasti intensément בְּלַהַט उत्कटता से intenzivno erősen dengan sangat ákaflega intensamente 激しく 강렬하게 labai stipri; spēcīgi sungguh hevigsterkt, lidenskapeligmocno په كلكه، په شدت intensamente intens, tare сильно hlboko, veľmi silno žestoko intensivt อย่างแรง şiddetle 非常地 дуже; уважно بہت زيادہ rất lớn 非常地

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Thus it contains the immense plains and flat lands which extend concerning the plateau formation plus the Arctic Ocean, such as the number of parallel chains and hilly spurs which skirt the former area on the N.W.

But I also give McCain immense credit for his by all accounts genuine refusal to demonize critics of the war (or some other of his political opponents).

The point out of the rely's affairs turned really noticeable a month immediately after his Loss of life, stunning Everybody because of the immense total of modest debts the existence of which nobody had suspected.

In the course of that twenty-yr period an immense number of fields had been left untilled, residences were being burned, trade changed its direction, countless Guys migrated, were impoverished, or were enriched, and millions of Christian Males professing the law of affection in their fellows slew one another.

Dimensional Travel: To bend the quite fabric of dimensional barriers, enabling travel by wormholes or teleportation-like movement.

An powerful copper relaxed, just like a universal yellow lotus, was more and more unfolding its noiseless measureless leaves upon The ocean.

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